Brembo Aftermarket Products
Brembo Quality for the Aftermarket
Brembo now offers the quality and performance of the world's leading braking system manufacturer to all models of car. The cutting-edge technology and vast experience of a company that manufactures braking systems for the world's major automotive constructors, combined with absolute control in every stage of the production process, allow Brembo to offer the Aftermarket professional a more comprehensive and reliable range of spare parts that covers over 96% of all vehicles on the road today.

Brembo brake pads are the new benchmark for performance, durability and reliability, and also offer unparalleled braking comfort. Brembo's range of brake discs and drums is unrivalled in terms of both size and innovation. Brembo rear wheel kits provide all the components necessary for drum brake maintenance. On top of this is a complete range of hydraulic components engineered for absolute reliability.

But Brembo also stands for consistent quality in every component and a comprehensive aftersales service. A choice that is up to any challenge, for any car.
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Brembo coated discs are protected by a special anti-corrosion coating on the hat and outer rim of the rotor which preserves the original visual appearance and functional characteristics, while also saving time during installation as the disc no longer requires cleaning and degreasing.

These discs are ideal for vehicle with alloy wheels and for motorists for whom attention to detail is a prerequisite.

Easy Check discs feature two holes on the braking surface of the rotor, which indicate two different levels of wear and allow the state of wear of the disc to be checked at a glance. When both of these holes are no longer visible, the disc has reached its minimum permissible thickness and must be replaced.

With their optimised thermal inertia, Brembo High Carbon discs reduce both vibration and noise. These products are the result of Brembo technology and a meticulously controlled production process in the brand's foundries, which makes it possible to precisely vary the chemical composition of the cast iron, increasing the percentage of carbon in High Carbon discs. ?

Brembo PVT discs feature the exclusive pillar venting system patented by Brembo, which improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to thermal cracking by over 40%.

Brembo includes a fastener screw kit in the same package as the disc to make installation simpler, more efficient and safer.
Hydraulic Components

Brembo draws from its vast experience in the production of braking systems and its collaboration with the world's leading carmakers to offer the spare parts market a complete range of hydraulic components offering the brand's hallmark total reliability:

- Brake hoses
- Brake masters
- Slave cylinders
- Brake pressure regulator valves
- Clutch masters
- Clutch slave cylinders
Drum Fitting Kits

Brembo rear wheel kits are the ideal solution for drum brake maintenance: everything needed for a quick and efficient service is provided in a single pack - all with guaranteed Brembo quality.

The kit includes all the components necessary for the maintenance of drum brakes: shoes, cylinders, adjusters, springs and lubricant. With a simple assembly process and with everything the installer needs included in the kit, installation is quick and efficient.

Two types of Brembo kit are available:
- the standard kit, which contains all the components packed separately,
- and the “Kit & Fit”, with the components pre-assembled and ready for installation, including the hydraulic cylinder.

To ensure that the braking system continues to offer the highest possible levels of safety, all of the components of the system itself may be replaced with new parts tested and homologated in accordance with stringent ECE-R90 regulations - such as the components supplied in the Brembo kit.
Brembo brake pads are the result of years of experience and collaboration with the world's leading carmakers. These pads are the perfect partner for Brembo discs for maximum braking safety and minimised stopping distances in all road conditions.

Brembo offers a comprehensive range of brake pads: with approximately 1,100 items catering to 98% of the vehicles currently on the roads in Europe. These products offer the same or equivalent quality as the original part, for the utmost in terms of performance, safety and durability: they are the result of a state of the art engineering process followed by intense bench and road testing.

Completing the range, Brembo also offers approximately 500 different types of shoes for drum brake systems.

Brembo pads and shoes are homologated in compliance with ECE-R90 legislation and are marked accordingly for easy identification.