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Genuine Performance Brembo Replacement Parts for GT & Gt-R Applications
When replacing any part of a Brembo Performance or Racing Brake system, it is always important to use Genuine Brembo Replacement Parts. The use of any non-Brembo parts may adversely affect the performance, safety or longevity of the braking system and its components.

The consumable or wear items of a GT or GT-R Performance system generally include:

1. The brake disc (outer ring).

2. Disc assembly hardware.

3. Brake pads.

Much like original equipment brakes, the wear rates of these items are influenced by several variables including vehicle weight, horsepower, grip (grip = tire compound, contact patch and aerodynamic downforce), and driving conditions.

For information on replacement parts, please email the information listed below to

If you are uncertain or unable to identify the Brembo components on your vehicle, please include a picture of the brake system with your email as well as the following vechile information and brake specifications listen below:

Vehicle Information:

Brake Specifications:

Disc Size & Type (example 14" 2-piece floating disc)
Caliper Family and /or Number of Pistons:
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